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I will tear it down to nothing, and then rebuild it, bringing order and discipline at last. They step on us, ruin our lives, and they don't even realize it. You don't have any special powers.[Bruce starts to hurry away, loosening his tie, but seeing Diana dive into the fight, he re-adjusts it and meanders through the room, dodging the Kaznians that Wonder Woman throws, nibbling on appetizers.]President Luthor: But they all involve deadly force, don't they? President Luthor: You could have crushed me any time you wanted. And then we'll start the whole thing all over again. When I was a kid, I went to bed every night scared that the whole world was going to blow up. I'm the last piece of your conscience, and this is the one thing you'll never do. None of these gifts were more remarkable than his ability to discern what needed to be done, and his unfailing courage in doing it, whatever the personal cost. Despite our differences, I have nothing but respect for you. know that, you showed me that justice doesn't always have to come from the darkness. [something in the distance explodes] What did you always call it, Clark? Only the Justice League can defuse it, 'cause if anyone else tries, (shows audience a switch) I press this, and kablooie! Now, I know you want to see the big bomb hunt from the best point of view, so I've set up hundreds of cameras all over town! Wade Eiling: We have to sanction Doomsday, we were gonna get to Superman somewhere down the line, and we've been trying to stop drug traffic from San Baquero for years. When we lost one, you'd just have to think at it and it'd beep. I'll be gone for a long time, so you two are stuck with each other... [Punches Darkseid across the city with a single blow]Darkseid: It's called the Agony Matrix. Darkseid: [to Superman] You of all people should know that the universe is filled with chaos, confusion and uncertainty. The cheering children, the swooning women - you love it so much, it's made you my most reliable accomplice! Fix it somehow, put me on trial, lock me up - but I'll beat it. If you really want to make a difference, want to change the system instead of just patching it, you can't be subtle. (Justice Lord Superman picks Flash up and raises his fist but then hesitates) Can't do it, can you? The Man of Steel possessed many extraordinary gifts, and he shared them with us freely. And a whole truckload of mindless violence and wanton property damage, everything that makes TV great! Joker: Here's how we do this little tango: I've tucked away a great, big time bomb somewhere on the Vegas strip. WE are the good guys, protecting our country from a very real threat: you. Supergirl: Back on Argo we used psionic technology for our remote controls. See if I can upgrade my arrows with some future tech. What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose, and show you just how powerful I really am. Batman: New Genesis and Apokolips have been at war for centuries. The Atom: Because otherwise it would be your fault. [He rides the nanomachine like a bronco, opening a panel on its back.] Okay, I can see the problem, now, Katie. [He punches the chip, breaking it, but he is shocked by the contact. [Superman catches him only a few feet from the ground]Shayera Hol: I'm no flower. When I do my job, people get hurt, people that I care about. You got a suit that lets you travel in time, and you've been using it to steal historical trash? My work is too important to allow any distractions. And unless you wanna find out firsthand, you'll go finish off the Justice League. But the clowns seem to relate better to the money thing. He spends every night in a different one of those old buildings! Amanda Waller: Did Superman ever mention that to get Luthor's pardon, he had to tell us about your parallel universe adventure? We started to wonder what would if you took the same action that the Justice Lords did. You don't like it, there's a nice warm seat waiting for you back at Belle Reve Correctional. Steven Mandragora: Yes, why don't you go and fetch me another four platters of oysters like a good little leprechaun? Were all the real men in the Gaming Knights already taken? You don't quite have his magnificent brain, for instance; you do have his heart, though. While I strongly suggest that you surrender immediately and prepare to be boarded, I really enjoy firing Trident missiles at tiny little subs, so the decision's entirely up to you. (the disco ball starts firing random lasers at Flash, who evades) Sadly you don't have the time. Well, if that's the way you're gonna be, forget about it! (Unmasks and looks in the mirror, then frowns) I have no idea who this is. [but the stone's energy overloads and destroys the machine, failing to recreated Brainiac] it's... [screams in anger and wreacks the control pannels with his hands]Tala: [performing her Transmutation Sorcery] By the slaughter of the innocent, by pestilence and plague, reveal the hidden unto me. [The man suddenly changes into a Chinese dragon, defeating more Parademons. [Powers up his Omega Beams; Lex Luthor runs away] Excellent strategy. Always taking care not to break something, to break someone. Oh yes, there is still some small part of me that knows mercy. with something special I've been saving for just this occassion. And you, the Kryptonian, you're the biggest disappointment of all. Superman breaks out of his chains)Martian Manhunter: [to Batman] I know what I experienced was an illusion, but it felt so real. Sometimes I believe I would do anything to see my loved ones again. Batman: We know he used you, humiliated you, brainwashed you, wound you up like a tin soldier and turned you loose against Earth. On the outside chance that this isn't one of his schemes, we have to take action - so I suggest you get over it. [he's nearly thrown off as the nanomachine writhes under him] Okay, I'm just gonna be direct. [continues to fall and states calmly] Now would be good. Batman: I don't have time to pursue a relationship. [to Enid] Actually, time is the non-spatial continuum in which events occur linearly, usually in the direction of increased entropy. [Black Canary comes closer to Green Arrow, who knocks her out with gas from the arrow; Roulette enters the room and sees Black Canary unconscious] Don't worry. Black Canary: [to Green Arrow, who she thinks is dead] You know, that was an incredibly stupid thing to do. I'm sure the American people would be just as interested in YOUR activities as mine - Secret weapons, illegal cloning experiments, bypassing Congress... Steven Mandragora: Speaking of squealing, Nina Williams, I notice you can't take your eyes off of me. Perhaps after Agent Faraday helps absolve me of my alleged crimes, I could put you in a cage and have you sing for me. Well then, perhaps you won't mind explaining how a lovely young lady like you ends up with a nobody like him. I've known Bruce Wayne for over fifty years, and I've been keeping an eye on you your whole life. There are similarities, mind you, but more than a few differences too. She holds up an arm, showing that she is wearing her bracelets underneath her business suit, and taps her nail against one.]King Faraday: Attention, unidentified craft. Your vessel is currently surrounded by three United States Navy Seawolf-class submarines. I mean, okay, yeah, it's the Flash Museum, but to me, the whole League deserves the honor, all of us, like I said no biggie... If you'd had another minute you’d probably think of a decent comeback. I can make do with 50,000 rotten eggs and a chainsaw. Trickster: I mean what's so special about a "disco of death? [bounds away across the city's buildings]Luthor-in-Flash: (Panting) Lex, you're having a difficult day. If nothing else, I can at least learn the Flash's secret identity. [Killer Frost steps forward from the rebels, then freezes her comrades without a word] Killer Frost... [The Apokolipian armies cheer triumphantly]Darkseid: As ever, to search for the Anti-Life Equation, that I might bring order to this aimless universe. Only then, after your last pitiful hope is extinguished, will I end your life. Wonder Woman: I appreciate your inten- [Sees the old man easily defeating Parademons] Hera! [Punches Darkseid through the wall] I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard.Superman: Each of you brings something different to the table.

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[still defending Green Lantern] Have you asked yourself, "why this rush to judgment? (Darkseid bearhugs Orion into unconsciousness) Spare the rod... So when he poked its eye out and its friends asked who did it, all the cyclops could say was "nobody". (a display appears on screen, counting down from 23 minutes - the average length of an episode without commercials) Oh, what were you expecting from me? Joker: [watching Batman's jet land and Batman step out] I see one of our stars approaching the red carpet! [Javelin lands and the rest of the Justice League step out] But here come the fashion disasters. (all assembled Green Lanterns aim their rings at Dr. Of course, that's a lesson you won't live to appreciate. This whole thing was a stunt, to get as many of you watching as possible, and it worked! Black Hole, save the world, and then it's champagne and strawberries for me and the hot doctor! Daniel's neck, when a car falls on him] [emerging from under the car] I thought they didn't have flying cars in this time period. It's a basic rule of business: turn every weakness into a strength. And they would have gotten away with it too, if not for me meddling with the kids! According to my projections, we've got somewhere between 60-70 million people watching right now, and that was the point all along. But you can't look away, even though you know something is terribly wrong. When I first saw your beautiful little face, your tiny fingers squeezed my hand so tight, like you never wanted to let go. Trucy Wright: [trying to turn Emmy Altava back to normal and failing] Lleps eb nekorb! Well i gave it my best shot, We could call in one of the other Knight magicians. You dare to strike- [gets hit by a chair] You dare to strike- [gets hit by a table] You dare to strike- [gets smothered by a tablecloth] QUIT IT! [gets hit by a grand piano]Medusa: C-Girl and me did some time together back in the Pit of Eternal Torment.