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You have built-in options to add either an automatic or manual table of contents to your document.

The automatic option is a real time-saver, but it requires you to use headings for your sections so that they display correctly.

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You can create an index entry for an individual word, phrase, or symbol, for a topic that spans a range of pages, or that refers to another entry, such as "Transportation.Just select Update Table from the ribbon under Table of Contents or right-click anywhere within the table and select Update Field from the context menu.In the pop-up window, choose between updating just the page numbers or the entire table.The table of contents feature is probably one of the more common tools.

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You should consider using these nifty tables in lengthy documents to provide a quick view of the sections contained.Do apply this style, just select your text and choose your heading from the Styles section from the ribbon on the Home tab.An advantage of using the automatic table of contents in Word is that readers can click within it to move directly to a specific section.If you prefer to go with the manual table option, it does take more time.