Who is wwe alicia fox dating

15-Aug-2017 05:35

"My ultimate dream would be to open a science lab where designers would meet before coming up with their lines and we could test different fabrics and test out all elements of fashion, like why people like certain colors, really building a science behind it. We're all single, we're all driven, it's a different perspective.In my head I was thinking in that direction, and it would be so cool to study fashion law because one day I could have a firm, so that's really what motivates me to do school and everything else."And for the gentlemen out there that are dying to know, Alicia is currently single. I think that's spice enough and I think people should watch it just for us!In this exclusive episode, she opens up about her early struggles; from being bullied in school and dealing with body issues, to parents splitting up, to finding the courage to step out in faith and chase her dreams of wrestling.You'll hear how the road was full of struggles where she even gave up wrestling for 7 years but managed to find her way back to the sport she loves, plus the touching story of her family watching her perform live for the very first time.You'll also hear what made Becky break down and get emotional after a comment her mother made to her that changed everything!In this exclusive follow up, Becky gives Lilian an update on her current goals and drive toward continued WWE success, with a special message to her fans, to talking about her upcoming movie debut!Rising to fame as a professional gamer with Smosh games, Mari opens up to Lilian about her biggest struggles, overcoming adversity, and what drives her passion to influence and inspire women all around the world!

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Join Lilian for this incredible story of determination and triumph!

Plus Lilian is taking you backstage at Wrestlemania 34 to find out how The Iconics feel about joining WWE Smack Down Live and how they got the news!

In this episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia WWE Superstar Alicia Fox. feeling embarrassed sometimes about her career, her struggle with dating, how it.… continue reading »

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Dec 31, 2014. WWE Star Alicia Fox Joins Total Divas "I Don't Find It Necessary to. But dating and relationships aside, the friendships that Alicia shares with.… continue reading »

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