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22-Mar-2018 23:59

Jason Witten is planning to retire after 15 years to join ESPN's new Monday Night Football broadcast team as a lead analyst but will meet today with owner Jerry Jones before making his decision final, per sources.

In June, a man walked into the Menil Collection, right up to a priceless Picasso painting and vandalized it with spray paint. For the last five months, the man who committed that crime has been on the run. After defacing the 1929 Picasso painting, Uriel Landeros vanished and has remained silent until his exclusive interview with Local 2. The 22-year-old artist, who's been hiding out in northern Mexico, detailed his motivation behind the crime that rocked the Houston art community.

A TV news crew has always been responsible for representing the station in a favorable light while out in the field. But when crews are confronted by still and video cameras chronicling everything they do while out on a story - this is even more important.

If a reporter makes one smart ass crack that is taken in the wrong way, they could be on the front page of You Tube a few hours later and featured on the likes of Comedy Central's The Daily Show. I am no legal expert, but could something bad come out of a reporter being recorded while conducting an interview?

Jaquez asked Landeros to think back to June 13, when he walked into the Menil. " Jaquez asked "To create awareness in people, you know?

We have to bend the laws to improve the laws," Landeros said.

Reyna chronicled the coverage of her zoo story on her blog.

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I think it is important to take a step back once in a while and really analyze what is going on.

Now there is no reason an interview subject should not be able to record an interview that I know of, however I can imagine some kind of trouble coming out of this in certain situations. At least it could be bad for the reporter if they are having an off day (everyone has one) or just doesn't know the facts very well (assigned quickly after another story falls through for example).

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