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I also write off a % of my rent based on the square footage of my work room, as well as a portion of my hydro bill, phone bill (only started doing that once I started offering phone services), and internet bill.

Any furniture and decor specifically bought for my work room has been written off, as well as wall paint (in my last apt. Pretty much, if I'm spending money on it for the sake of benefiting my job in some way, it's a write off, at least in part. Your actual tax hit depends largely on your income and what deductions you can reasonably claim.

Concealing your identity depends on how you go about camming.

There is no way to 100% guarantee you will never be discovered - It should be a risk you are willing to take if you want to do this - but there are things you can do to minimize the risk. I'd suggest blocking your city/state/province and whatever other areas friends and family live.

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Lingerie is usually mentioned as being within the test, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were allowed if it were beyond a reasonable person test or would be considered a costume instead of something for normal home use (see-through nighties no, polyurethane horse costumes yes (assuming it were used exclusively for cam shows)).Apparently some areas have stingier rules with this than others, but I personally write off anything and everything that I spend money on for my job.This includes but is not limited to: sex toys, computer equipment, makeup, work space (I have a room in my apartment specifically for camming - If you cam out of your bedroom it is considered a personal space and cannot be written off), lingerie, etc.We talked about it but never did it and then now we are curious about it again.