Updating first generation ipod touch

07-Aug-2017 16:25

This means if you ever experience errors with your device, simply restore it through i Tunes and it will return to normal.

The only downside to Jailbreaking is that when Apple releases a new firmware version you are not able to update your device to it if you wish to maintain your Jailbreak.

a TV Flash (black), developed by Fire Core, is the best modification for the Jailbroken Apple TV and it allows you to go beyond i Tunes, surf the web, access your media anywhere and so much more.

Jailbreaking is an extremely misunderstood concept, and as a result there are many myths about Jailbreaking that end up being believed.

However, if you ever need to actually use your warranty then you can simply restore your device through i Tunes and it will be back to its original factory settings.

Once your device is restored Apple cannot tell if it has been Jailbroken or not.

No longer are you shackled by Apple’s restrictions on what type of applications are allowed to be installed.

When you Jailbreak your i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad or Apple TV you get to decide how your device functions and what types of modifications you want to do to it.

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These range from being able to send text messages from inside applications to playing Nintendo 64 games on an emulator.

Here you will learn how to jailbreak your i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad, Apple TV and Apple Watch running a variety of firmware versions.