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19-Jan-2018 07:13

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One of the most notable trademarks of OFF-WHITE is that just about everything on the products is labeled, from “SHOELACES,” and “FOAM” to “SCARF” and “WEBSITE”—it’s obvious and repetitive but OFF-WHITE pulls it off and now owns a piece of grammar that was not long ago ubiquitous and plain.

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The SF-based founders of Bodega, a vending-machine replacement, thought the name would be a cute wink to the urban corner stores they claimed to admire, but in reality were looking to disrupt.

This one is not as much about the name (it’s good) but more about the thoughtful rebrand of e Shares—makers of software for managing shares and options in a company—away from a dated name that never reflected the seriousness of the company’s business-minded audience.