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13-Apr-2018 02:17

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This includes covering what Asian women are looking for, the different goals and ideas they may have depending on their backgrounds, the go-go bar and prostitute scenes and the scams and other things that go on.

These sections of the book in itself could save so much heartache and men walking away with very bad experiences.

Boosting these areas in the book up would make it a lot more comprehensive.

From my own experiences I know there is other specific advice that would be really useful to anyone dating Chinese or Korean women.

This is a great approach, some dating coaches spend too much time trying to reinvent the wheel - Dean Cortez has taken the smart approach here by partnering with Love Systems, which allows him to focus on giving the best Asian Women advice.

Dean very responsibly walks you through all the relevant topics to help you make 'mature' and rewarding decisions for your dating and relationship life with Asian women.

I know that when we have ideas in our mind about what we want - it can be hard to change those ideas from just reading something.