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01-Jul-2017 10:02

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”“It was fun, but a little bit mosquito-ey,” said Poulin, who works at Adult Fun Superstore in Ottawa’s east end.

Trailhead Paddle Shack on Scott Street in Ottawa rents out canoes for between and a day.

According to a UNICEF survey released last year, 28 per cent of young Canadians age 11, 13 and 15 said they had smoked pot at least once within the previous year — putting Canada in first place for teenage marijuana use in industrialized countries, based on the survey.

Roughly 40,000 people in Canada have a license to use medical marijuana.

That compares to 44 Starbucks, 35 Second Cups, 15 Bridgeheads, and seven Timothy’s World Coffee locations.

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Though statistics on canoe-dling are hard to find, it’s a bucket-list item for many Canadians.Bottom line: Though parts of Canada are indeed frozen tundra, a majority of the Canadian population lives toward the south near the U. border, where there are four clear seasons, including an often blisteringly hot summer.Do we smoke more weed than people in other countries?The idea that Canada is a frozen wasteland where citizens live in igloos year-round is perpetuated by American pop culture.

The Dominion Glass Companies of Montreal, Canada. taking over all eight locations that. machine production of bottles to serve the western Ontario market.… continue reading »

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