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Warren Sheffield originally was named Warren Sheppard, and for legal reasons the Waughops became the Braukoffs.The real life name of the maid was indeed Katie, and the real-life Katie was alive and well and provided a signed release to the MGM legal department, giving the "ok" to use her name.Smith's decision to move the family to New York, and the subsequent tension it creates for the final half of the film, is from a small three-page episode in the book; and finally, it's Agnes who ends the book by saying "I can't believe it. The property was bought by MGM, so Martin and Blane, along with stars Nancy Walker, Tommy Dix and Gil Stratton, were brought out to MGM to adapt the show for the screen.Martin and Blane also contributed to other films including "Three Cheers For The Yanks" to was their big chance.

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