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10-Aug-2017 00:39

S., these same experts believe they do not prevent options backdating.Backdating involves manipulating the date that stock options are granted to executives.Spearheaded by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, the Storm Sense project combines Io T sensors, cloud systems, predictive analytics modeling, and data visualization mapping to predict flooding impacts and deliver warnings to residents in the Virginia Beach area.[VIDEO] IT leaders and experts, including keynote speaker, Beth Niblock, CIO, City of Detroit, share highlights from their presentations at Interop ITX 2018 along with insights about the future of IT.[VIDEO] If you missed Interop ITX or would like to relive it, we have you covered.

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RIM is not saying anything about what it is specifically examining, but co-CEO Jim Balsillie has said that RIM is "in the same position as a lot of other companies" these days.

"We expected to find nothing with that kind of data, and the fact that we found something is sort of like, wow," said Lindsay Tedds, an assistant professor who led the study. Tedds said the results don't confirm that backdating is necessarily occurring, but she added: "There's something going on.