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08-Jan-2018 02:07

Windows users who do not use an antivirus or who use Windows Defender can update right now, as they are not subject to the registry key requirement.The only ones affected are those using custom, third-party antivirus solutions.Security researcher Kevin Beaumont explained why this happens in a Medium blog post earlier today.

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Once installed (and restarted), the registry key is present, so presumably installing the update does it.Microsoft has added a new and very important detail on the support page describing incompatibilities between antivirus (AV) products and the recent Windows Meltdown and Spectre patches.According to an update added this week, Microsoft says that Windows users will not receive the January 2018 Patch Tuesday security updates, or any subsequent Patch Tuesday security updates, unless the antivirus program they are using becomes compatible with the Windows Meltdown and Spectre patches.To be honest, some of the techniques are similar to ones used by rootkits — Kernel Patch Protection was introduced by Microsoft a decade ago to combat rootkits, in fact.

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Because some anti-virus vendors are using very questionable techniques they end up cause systems to ‘blue screen of death’ — aka get into reboot loops.But it's there: running the Powershell script afterward shows that the patch is loaded, at least as far as one can go without a firmware update. No January security update == no future updates in Win10. Once that milestone is reached, the key will no longer be required.From: Q3: How long will Microsoft require setting a registry key to receive the January 3, 2018, security updates?The update package covers much more than the Meltdown patch.