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but when i see dredlocks that are taken care of right i think its kinda cool. Don't get me wrong 'cuz I'm one of the few white chicks who can naturally do dreads in less than an hour (I've got nappy hair), but when I see dreads on white dudes/dudettes, I think - brush your hair and lazy. Sorry if this response seems harsh, it's not meant to be. I worked in a Jamaican restaurant for 7 years - I grew up there. when i see some one with dredlocks i think differently about each person cuz some people(like you) kno how to take care of them but then there are others who dont and it is kinda gross.... When you cease to comb or cut your hair, this implies to me a total absence of vanity, which may be good or bad, depending on your viewpoint. African Americans and some mixed race people with a dark tone to the skin can pull off the look . You are way to may keep it clean but it just tends to look dirty and odd. but i think if someone assumes something cuz of the way some looks is just messed up.... You HATE ME for my hair in contrast to my skin color? I realize though, that well-kept dreads are actually high-maintenance, probably moreso than my own long hair. Some Austro Aboriginies call them "goonut" or "goonat".It was a popular style around the area now known as Botany Bay in pre colonial times.The organization spread rapidly in the years after the First World War, establishing chapters in over 40 countries and regularly publishing a newspaper in four languages.The UNIA set an agenda for the global social and economic independence of people of African descent, and especially for the end to colonialism on the African continent.

It also developed a tri-colour flag (red, black and green) that was eventually adopted by a number of post-independence African states.Dreadlocks or similarly matted styles have been worn from Africa all the way to India, Australia, and even Papua New Guinea.Indians call them "jata", and they are generally worn by adherents of Shiva.There is some debate as to whether matted locks that are "well manicured" should be called dreadlocks, since they are not natty and often require consistent maintenance and a higher degree of perceived vanity.

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Also called dreads, it is a style created by allowing the hair to matt into locks.

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