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29-Apr-2018 05:02

In fact, such is a common tactic to sneak up on someone.

I have a habit to check the surrounding for CCTV cameras before I converse on sensitive information with my clients and such.

• February 3, 2018 AM @Anders Quoting Moxie, the PKI is "total ripoff and mostly worthless".

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I made a point to never answer calls, not to unlock the phone and not to even show the phone screen when entering and inside the lift."Theoretically it would work, but the thing is we get requests from law enforcement every day, and in entire time we have been doing this, we have never had a single instance where law enforcement asked us to do something inappropriate.What service exactly is a Certificate Authority such as Go Daddy providing to LEAs if not certificate signing?What's next, sending Nunes to pull the fire alarms at FBI HQ? • February 2, 2018 PM All other things being equal, a signed certificate is more trustworthy than a self-signed one, right?

Sep 29, 2017. 'Pie hunting' is the latest dating trend - and it's absolutely brutal. invulnerable people – and being unsuccessful – when there plenty of men.… continue reading »

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Mar 7, 2017. And one website they might use to find love is Plenty of Fish, which is specifically designed for those unlucky in dating to find their significant.… continue reading »

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