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A meditation on lost love that verges on the suicidal, "The Bed" proves he could write a sadsack country song with the best of them, and he could invest a line like "I've learned to pay the paperboy on time" with immense melancholy.

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During the mid-1960s, their partnership made her a star in her own right, although she would always be known as Frank's daughter.

After they parted ways, Hazlewood released a string of comparatively minor hits on his own LHI Records, and while he never achieved the same level of success he enjoyed with Nancy, he never lost his weirdo ambitions.

Assessing his legacy is just as difficult as pinning down his sound.

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Hazlewood remains a curio, with neither the influence that Phil Spector continues to assert nor the cultish cachet of someone like Van Dyke Parks.

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