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Tool New parameter name Alter Mosaic Dataset Schema ( editor_tracking Build Seamlines ( blend_width_units Clip ( maintain_clipping_extent Set Mosaic Dataset Properties ( data_source_type and minimum_pixel_contribution Synchronize Mosaic Dataset ( skip_existing_items Data Reviewer toolbox The Data Reviewer toolbox includes a new tool, Delete Reviewer Session (

This tool removes one or more Reviewer sessions and all records associated with them.

Laide de la v10.2 est en ligne GIS_Help_Library/00qn0000001p000000/ et donc le What's new in Arc GIS 10.2 ai not: L'outil excel Excel toolset ( , conversion feuille de calcul JSON Le Geo Tagged Photos To Points ( conserve maintenant la direction de la prise de vue Le multicore ajout aux outils Reclassify ( Weighted Overlay ( Weighted Sum ( Zonal Statistics ( Zonal Statistics As Table (

Le support SQLite SQLite via le type Esri ST_Geometry type ou Spatia Lite avec Create SQLite Database ( .

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New and improved tools The following geoprocessing tools have been added or improved for Arc GIS 10.2: 3D Analyst toolbox The new City Engine toolset in the 3D Analyst toolbox includes two new geoprocessing tools to help you process and display 3D data using embedded City Engine capabilities: Features From City Engine Rules ( tool creates multipatch geometries from 2D or 3D input features using rules authored in City Engine.The Merge Mosaic Dataset Items ( tool merges mosaic dataset items into the same row.The Split Mosaic Dataset Items ( tool unmerges any mosaic dataset items that have been merged together previously.Cartography toolbox The Delineate Built-Up Areas ( tool includes a new Minimum Building Count parameter to control the minimum number of buildings that must be collectively considered for representation by an output built-up area polygon.

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Conversion toolbox A new Excel toolset ( has been added for converting Excel spreadsheets to and from tables.

The Geo Tagged Photos To Points ( tool now records directional information for a photo when supported by the capturing device.