Intimidating strike never outnumbered

12-Aug-2017 15:34

Workers at the telecommunications company Frontier Communications have been on strike for 20 days in West Virginia and Virginia.

Their grievances are familiar ones: Workers want more protection from layoffs, better health care coverage, and the return of contracted work to the bargaining unit.

The agency’s enemies are outlaws and Confederate bushwhackers and are obviously very bad.

The truth is that the agency can’t even claim to have waged a righteous war on outlaws.

In Frontier’s legal complaint was the news that the company was employing Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations for “security services,” and that the Pinkertons claimed that striking workers had “abused” them, according to the West Virginia Gazette-Mail. In fact, a scab committed the strike’s only threat of violence when he pulled out a gun to intimidate strikers.

Pinkerton’s appearance in the Frontier saga makes sense for a number of reasons, chief among them the fact that the strike is a particularly heated one.

They were actually a really common theme during these years,” said Loomis.

”The other agency that should be thought of here is the notorious Baldwin-Felts Agency, which were basically the West Virginia coal companies’ hired assassins,” he added.

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The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that Frontier has offered a reward of ,000 for information about the identity of the vandals, and the company took out a temporary injunction that it said it needed to keep the strike peaceful.Pinkerton’s hardly the only firm to advertise such services.But its history sets it apart, and the company embraces its legacy.In their zeal to capture Jesse James, agents raided his family home. There was a case in a town in Ohio where 25 Pinkertons were arrested for concealed weapons.” On other occasions, the Pinkertons functioned as a sort of domestic Blackwater, working alongside law enforcement to surveil workers and break strikes.

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