Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione dating

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" These were words that started Hermione on a journey she could never have imagined she'd take. Billy Slytherin & the Remains of Voldemort by Tobias Rhubarbe Stauffer Set many years after the Battle of Hogwarts: Billy Slytherin is a troubled boy with a hunger for dark secrets.

A disciplinary meeting with Headmaster Ronald Weasley is the best hope to course-correct the boy's dangerous trajectory. 4 The Night Before the Morning After by The Carnivorous Muffin After driving a very expensive car to attract men ended in pitiful failure a desperate Lily goes back to the drawing board, and then desperately takes up Lenin's advice. Sequel to "Life in the Fast Lane" and side fic of "Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphus" Ron Weasley's Adventures with Sleekeazy's Hair Potion by Flying Luna Sleekeazy's Hair Potion warns on its label that it can produce "unique results" for redheads.

My Lovers got humour, she's the giggle at a funeral Knows everybodys disapproval, I should've worshipped her sooner. Winner Best Fluff-Runner Up Best Romamce Winters magic by Provider of odd things Fem MOD Harry: She was once a daughter of the Stag and lion. He is badly beaten up, but what's worse is that he seems to think he deserved it.

in that life, she was able to wield a magic unlike anything seen in her new one. Now she was a daughter of Dragons and Wolves, with the Stags and Lions being responsible for her families demise. One-Shot The Devil in the Details Rewritten Chapter 1 » by Ndabz91 Rewritten my first attempt of devil in the details.

Please be gentle this is my first fanfiction attempt)3 A Mortal God by Lord of Beasts Harry Potter had always thought he was different, even for a Wizard. 2Ginger's Second Chance by red Hussar Usually it is someone highly intelligent that travels back in time – even Harry is only suppressing his brilliance. And not just any pureblood1Shake off the Dust by Tinsela Sirius Black was plagued by questions of the past. So they run away to Gringotts to find a place to hide where they find their true families and inheritance…Potter/Weasley/Dumbledore Bashing…Harry/Harem…Nice Malfoy's, Lestrange's, Death Eaters and Twins1 Powerful Allies, Family, Enemies by Dragons-Twilight1992 Harry leaves the wizarding world after they rejected him because of his creature inheritance which made him a High Elf, his magical inheritance nobody knew about.

Who threw him out when he was 3 because they thought his quaduplets siblings where the boys and girl her lived when it was him. Now they are hosting a Magic Games for all magical schools like the Olympic games for No-Maj. Hermione Granger has been captured and is to be sold at Auction to the highest bidder to inject power into the Pure Blood lineage and create a line of children who will be forced into servitude for The Dark Lord.

Of course, Ron Weasley couldn't be bothered to read labels.

When the side effects of the potion catch up to him, Ron decides there is only one thing he can do to fix it: he has to go back in time. Harry Potter and the Mikaelsons by EMikaelson The Mikaelsons see Harry with fear in his eyes and decide that he needs to be free from that. /AU Percy Jackson/Master Of Death Harry/ Death is only the start.25Wolf's Blood by Freya Ishtar *Post-War* When Hermione takes in an infant who turns out to be a werewolf, she thinks keeping the child's secret from her boyfriend Draco is her biggest headache.

Leaving most of her freedom behind in the New World, Tala must learn to cope with the darkness and greyness that is England...1 Favor For Devils by Crucio And Coffee A night in the library can be rewarding—especially when Bellatrix hasn't seen Alecto in days due to their duties to the Dark Lord. But when Draco enlists Hermione's help to save his son's life, old flames that he had thought long-extinguished will resurface and burn brighter than ever.4 Skin Jar by Birdie Ming High society never did favor the boldly bright.

She's been faithful and that ought to earn her some favor—Alecto doesn't disappoint. They preferred their men poised with power; their ladies beautiful and haughtily docile.

Lightning & Thunder was like water to him; it cleansed him, nourished him and was something he couldn't live without. Now wars are breaking out with Voldemort, HYDRA in Slovakia & in SHIELD, Kronos, Strigoi.