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Also developed by the Martin Agency, the ads center on Neanderthal-like cavemen, no different from modern-day individuals (outside of somewhat prehistoric facial features), encountering either an ad or commercial with the tagline "GEICO: so easy a caveman could do it," followed by their disgust with the supposed stereotype of caveman stupidity.The ads posit a world where cavemen are still alive and active members of society in the present day, behaving and living nothing at all like the stereotypical caveman.

geico commercial dating site-57

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" That news, of course, is of no immediate use at all to the other character(s).

In 2010s commercials, the gecko's accent is more working-class, perhaps in an effort to further "humanize" him.

"As computer animation got better and as we got to know the character better, we did a few things," says Steve Bassett, creative director at The Martin Agency.

While Maxwell was originally intended as a one-time character, the popularity of his debut commercial resulted in him being spun off into his own series of commercials which usually feature him as a tech-savvy, informative pig who is most concerned with his GEICO-related objects.

A popular series of well-received advertisements uses cavemen as pitchmen.

Maxwell is an anthropomorphic talking pig and recurring character in GEICO advertisements.

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