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in Santa Barbara, California; and a villa on the Italian side of Lake Maggiore.

John Huston was passionate about telling stories, first as a writer and later as a film director, but his five failed marriages (something he expressed guilt about) and numerous affairs make it clear that traditional Christian ethics were not a central concern of his.

It's as though we ceased to exist as far as He's concerned. The truth is I don't profess any beliefs in an orthodox sense. "For magic and truth are closely allied and movies are sheer magic. "Do you know what the phrase 'Immaculate Conception' means? "Why, it means that Mary had Jesus without--you know--without being touched by a man." "You don't know what you're talking about." I was being deliberately offensive.

It seems to me that the mystery of life is too great, too wide, too deep, to do more than wonder at. When they are misused of course it's a debasement of magic. "The Immaculate Conceptoin has nothign to do with the birth of Christ." The owner huffed and snorted and argued.

He came up the Ohio River some years after the war and visited Marietta, Ohio, where he met Adelia Richardson [who would become John Huston's grandmother]. If he'd had his way, we might be up to about Ruth and Boaz by now.

Every interviewer during the filming--almost without exception--asked me if I believed in the Bible literally.

The audience should come into the Ark with Noah and the animals and not perish outside in the Flood. I lost so many battles during it that I even began to suspect that my assistant director was plotting against me. From: John Huston, One night at Romanof's she leaned across the table and said, out of the blue, "John, why don't we get married? Everyone in the arena was on his feet yelling, and then I saw hands pushing Dempsey back through the ropes. He got Dempsey into a corner, but in a blind desire to finish his man, he lost his head. Had any one of those blows connected, that would have been the end of the fight.

In the early morning hours on March 12, 2015, John Charles Dempsey passed away peacefully of natural causes in his sleep while on a business trip in New Orleans. John Dempsey was born in Houston, Texas on October 14, 1961. He was the third child and second son to Marge and Robert Dempsey. John grew.… continue reading »

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