Eurocontrol route validating

14-Mar-2018 23:38

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When you see ‘ leaves you with inaccurate and costly estimates because they don’t account for real routing distances and realistic seasonal wind speeds?

If YES, you are going to love Skyplan’s Charter Costing app.

Change the flight plan while simultaneously observing any restriction errors via the new ‘Route Validation Results’ feature. The new ‘Route Validation Results’ window containing RADs – Flight Plan changes can be made without closing the ‘Route Validation Results’ pop-up.

Also, the RAD (Route Availability Document) is shown in the ‘Route Validation Results’ pop-up, which makes it easier to avoid a restricted zone. – Any of the ‘Route Validation Results’ content can be copied and pasted.

– Clicking the Validate button does not close the ‘Route Validation Results’ window.

– ‘Route Validation Results’ will be refreshed automatically if any new validation errors occur.

Does the weather at your destination airports concern you?

You can amend any errors reported by Sky Tools and resubmit your route for the query.If you have any comments please contact us at [email protected] operate through two units working in shift to ensure a 24/7 service.– The ‘Route Validation Results’ will correspond to the specific route in a specific tab.

Feedback is always welcome, on this latest update or on anything else to do with Rocket Route.– If all errors are corrected, the popup will automatically close.– The same logic applies if the Autoroute button is used.They are located at two different sites (Brussels and Paris) to guarantee business continuity in the event of a disaster.

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