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09-Jul-2017 22:17

Though there may be some tradeoffs, in general the rule stands that a prime location is key to a solid real estate investment.2.

Property Development Property Development can be broken down into two key points: First, Zoning. Zoning The Philippines is notorious for having a mixed bag of property zones.

Traffic is also a big factor why the urban condo lifestyle is booming.

Between two condo units for sale, the first one walking distance to the mall, the second one requiring a simple 5-minute ride; the one nearest to the mall will win every single time.

Just remember to have a good credit rating, a stable income, and collaterable assets, and you’re all set. Property Prices in Philippines When investing in real estate in Metro Manila, there are three key points that you must consider.

They have a say as to what will happen to the condominium project, such as partition or sale of the entire project, as if the unit owners were co-owners of the entire project.As the country with the highest English speaking population in the world, the Philippines is good for Call Center businesses.Lots of jobs are being generated by that industry alone, and condos and other apartment rentals are popping up just to accommodate the influx of workers.From Condominium units to house and lots, to discussing prime locations, acquiring loans and everything in between, we’ve got you covered! Investing in real estate makes sense because unlike cars, gadgets, or other items, real estate is an asset that appreciates, or increases in value, over time.

To better appreciate this concept, let’s look at other items and see how they stack up.They’re a headache to maintain, repair, and find spare parts for. Vehicles can break down, stock market prices can fluctuate, gadgets will get outdated… (Not if you’re in China though, where the land is yours for 70 years only.) But aside from land, other real estate investments are also built for longevity. Though condos won’t last forever, reputable property developers will maintain their projects enough to last a lifetime.They may be good today, but they’ll be outdated in 5 years. (In fact, we have a detailed review of the major property developers later on in this article!And that’s just one industry alone; imagine all the other expatriates and foreigners working here. As for foreign expansion and the China effect, many projects are lined up ensuring Philippine growth… The projects include hotels, airport segments, telecommunications, and even steel plants. There are many ways to pay for your real estate investment.

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