Dating with brain injury

22-Mar-2018 03:16

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The Web sites on this factsheet can be a good place to start.

Many communities have support groups for both survivors and caregivers/partners, which are often listed in the newspaper or advertised by State brain injury associations.

Back to top After a TBI, survivors must focus their energy on getting better and developing new skills.

These changes are very personal and can be very emotional for both people in the relationship.

If you do not know how to reach your State brain injury association, you can either a) contact the Brain Injury Association of America (1–800–444–6443 or on the Web at b) use an online search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to find one by typing in “Brain Injury Association” and the name of your state.

Online support groups are available on Facebook and throughout the Web.

Although some of the relationship changes after TBI are difficult and can be painful, there are many things that couples can do in order to enjoy each other and their relationship in new, positive, and meaningful ways.

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A TBI can significantly change a couple’s relationship.Many people think only of talking when they hear the word “communication,” but couples are actually communicating through gestures, facial expressions, emotional reactions, and physical interactions as well.In studies on relationships after brain injury, communication is often reported as the biggest change people notice.Were you on medication in that first year after your accident? I feel like every girl thought like, knew they could kind of string me along a little bit, you know.