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02-Mar-2018 19:51

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“There was a variety of data coming from non-police sources that could be very useful to the police, including 311 calls,” said Laura Meixell, assistant director of performance improvement in the Department of Innovation and Performance.

Officers in the field as well as those in the intelligence unit were interested in getting that non-emergency request data to look at patterns.

“The opportunity presented itself because we were looking to move up the curve in terms of our maturity with data visualization throughout the state,” he said.

“On the IT side, we were rolling out Tableau as our data visualization enterprise service.

When Stephen Goldsmith was deputy mayor of New York City in 20, the city was working on processes to make data available to the public.

“We have now gone from fulfilling that transparency goal, which has its own value, to thinking more fully about open data in its role for creating better community outcomes,” he said.

Data updates refresh the maps every night or even every hour.

That means considering how a sister agency could use data or how community groups could use it to identify and solve problems in their own neighborhood.

“You begin to think about data as driving value, as contrasted to data as transparency for its own sake,” he said. In fact, data without visualization is barely open data at all.” Goldsmith, who is now a professor of practice of government at the Harvard Kennedy School and director of the Innovations in American Government Program, pointed to Los Angeles’ Geo Hub as an example of a site whose purpose is organizing data around what is most important to a city, which is location.

“Police and other first responders were very interested in data on abandoned buildings and condemnations, as well as places where the Bureau of Building Inspection had identified serious structural issues, so they would know that before entering the building,” she said.

The public-facing version was launched in October 2016, and Meixell said her team is building up a constituency via good old-fashioned shoe leather.

It was our stance, however, that those sites don’t tell the whole story of where the state’s money comes from, how it gets appropriated and where it goes.

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