Dating someone with bad credit cellulardating com

01-May-2018 04:11

In one year, she will graduate with approximately 0,000 in debt.

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Last week’s question I asked: Would you or should you marry someone with a lot debt?

"This result arises, in part, because initial credit scores and match quality predict subsequent credit usage and financial distress, which in turn are correlated with relationship dissolution," the Federal Reserve Board's report said.

Couples with poorly matched scores may face challenges in jointly managing household finances, such as managing debt, paying bills or saving for a rainy day fund, particularly in their first few years together, according to the report.

Still, only about half, or 54 percent, of Americans said it's important to know your significant other's credit score before comingling finances, according to a separate study by Wells Fargo, titled How America Buys and Borrows.

That's a mistake, according to Mikel Van Cleve, a certified financial planner and director of personal finance advice at USAA.That’s way too soon to share such intimate details of your financial life.Thirty-seven percent of the survey participants said people should share credit score information after dating a few months, and the same percentage said swap scores after getting engaged.Before a relationship gets too serious, "have an open, honest conversation about where you are financially and what your financial goals are," he advised — and that includes reviewing each person's credit history and score.