Dating predicaments

28-Oct-2017 10:15

Please try not to take it personally; the best way to deal with it is being direct.

There are so many potential pitfalls and dilemmas that sometimes, it might feel easier just to give up entirely. Here are seven common dating dilemmas and our advice on how to navigate them with confidence and ease. Maverick Matches is designed for adventure-lovers and adrenaline-junkies who have a passion for an active life.

The French famously refer to orgasm as "la petite morte," or "the little death." Once orgasm is reached, it is in a sense the end of the loving experience preceding it and, hence, a little death.

DATING PREDICAMENTS - Author Kelly Biggs, Richard Overfield - Script $7.50 - Full Length Play - Comedy - Dating, Love and Romance, Family - 60 minutes.… continue reading »

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Dating can be exciting, fun and full of promise. And at the same time, it can. Well there are worse predicaments to be in, we think! On Maverick.… continue reading »

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Users can blog anonymously about dating predicaments. Through tools such as public polls and comments, they can also crowdsource relationship advice.… continue reading »

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