Dating girl in ahmedabad phone number

14-Nov-2017 01:11

Here's a typical ad from the classified site, Locanto: "Hi guys, I am Mrs. In case you get my phone busy tone or switch off or if no one is picking up then send your e-mail id to that number. Thanks." "Locanto is an online dating site which flesh trade rackets misuse to find customers.

XXXXXXXXX, 29 years old young, hot & attractive married lady from Kochi. The site is loaded with advertisements for women escorts, ranging from models, college girls to NRI women, who are available for sex.

You guys can enjoy with high profile ladies, foreign ladies, air-hostess & models. One of such online directory even claims to conduct strip parties in Kochi and has provided phone numbers and mail ids for those interested in the service.

When TOI tried some of the phone numbers, the call was attended by Hindi and Kannada speaking women.

KOCHI: The online sex racket busted by the police in Thiruvananthapuram seems to be the tip of the iceberg as similar networks are operating from other parts of the state, including Kochi.

Online directories offering women escorts and gigolos in Kochi are active.

Take a train to Ernakulam; get a taxi and head straight for Fort Kochi, not wasting time in mainland as the price will shock you in the little uppish restaurants.

I am looking for young, decent & honest guys for casual encounters. We have also noted that the content in most advertisements are same with different names," said a senior police officer.

I am engaged with an adult fun group, where you guys can enjoy with decent & high profile ladies in our secret adult fun parties. The official said that numbers mentioned in such dating sites were under scanner.

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