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Leroy Anderson, lent their talents to the rest of the school this year.

With the assistance of the artists an increasing number of bulletin boards in the building took on a more professional. The department also gave a helping hand to the cafeteria by agreeing to cover the bare walls of the entrance hall with colorful murals.

Distracted from scholastic endeavors by the cascade of fall colors and brisk air, students filled the stadium to see the Generals win the Northern Virginia Champi- onship and keep the Old Oaken Bucket on Thanksgiving Day.

Celebrating the victory, W-Lites danced and socialized at the annual Turkey Hop sponsored by the Crossed Sabres. " exclaims senior Peggy Coffman, as Martha Reichard and Jean Wattles read of her early acceptance at Mt. "What this country needs is outstanding leaders," says Jo Gregg as she speaks to attentive students participating in a spirited discussion group during the annual Washington- Lee Leadership Training Conference held in November.

The high- light of the winter season came with the annual junior- sponsored Christmas assembly. Dances Enliven Dreary Months of Winter Chipping in for the Cancer Drive, Jim Brodsky, Ed Kingman, Neil Shawen and Mr. School Life 23 Examining the letter that caused Cathy Kiley to faint, Charles Aliegrone, John Heller and Jon Friedman, stars of the spring play, My Three Angels, make themselves at home in their roles as convicts in a French Guiana penal colony.

Screaming in terror, Salem children Betty Jo Underdahl, Debby Altman and Norma Levin cringe from torments of evil spirits.The story of the in- famous Salem witch trials of colonial Massachusetts, the play criticized the communist baiting of the Mc Carthy era of the 1950's.Rejected by the farmer John Proctor, played by Evans Hays, Norma Levin in the role of Abigail Wil- liams took her revenge by accusing him of the then hated and feared crime of consorting with the devil.Just as part of every day's work involves some preparation for the next, the individual's achieve- ment at Washington-Lee must serve as a beginning for some other day coming in a still larger, more demanding world. l Washington-Lee's Days of Association 8 Concentration 28 Communication ....