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We must reach Golgotha, by killing the influence of the ego.Golgotha is the realm of the is the spiritual well-spring and realm from where ALL prayers are answered. But you cannot teach an ancient people about multi-dimensions and energy flow and other advanced concepts literally.

The killing of Kabbalists was the greatest slaughter in history, in terms of significance and impact.

It’s hard to do that even in a high school physics classes. Father, Son and Holy Spirit refer to the three different segments of the Tree of Life, the Ten Sephirot, the model of reality.

Regarding the idea that God has a son, we now know that the Zohar is clear on this idea: , is called the Holy Spirit. The Kabbalists tell us that this whole design of using Christianity as a parable was set up to give the Israelites who assimilated into Christianity, a life line, an umbilical cord back to the Torah during their 2000 year exile.

This is the 99 Percent Reality we learn about in Kabbalah. By exchanging Jesus’ name with Jeffery or Steve to expose the truth that Jesus was the Messiah, but not God Himself, we can now understand that it was the Divine Light of God FLOWING through Jesus that ignited the souls of pagans throughout history.

It was this Light that gave the pagan nations a home until such time that the Israelites would transform and finally bring the Zohar to all the nations of the world.

They will never let go of him — and they are not supposed to — according to Kabbalist Rav David Valle and the prophet Zechariah.

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