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03-Jun-2017 20:47

Besides simply building mechanical robots to address the physical challenges of old age, social chatbots can be built to address emotional and mental needs.

, a digital therapist developed by USC’s Institute of Creative Technologies, can interview patients and detect depression and anxiety by analyzing words, facial expressions, and tone.

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“U-Report is not just about getting questions answered, but getting answers back out,” explains Chris Fabian, Co-Lead of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit.

“We get responses in real-time to use the data for policy change.” With over 2.6 million U-Reporters worldwide and deep expertise building technology for developing economies, the U-Report team is uniquely positioned to tackle challenging social issues like violence against children, HIV/AIDs policy, climate change, and war and conflict.

, a healthbot on Facebook Messenger, walks you through a questionnaire of symptoms to identify your likelihood of having Zika.

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Browder’s mission is to turn Do Not Pay into a legal bot platform where lawyers can identify aspects of the law that are automatable and create their own bots.Every day at school, he would request sexual favors and touch her inappropriately.Embarrassed, Sarafina kept the issue hidden from everyone, even her parents, until her father overheard a sexually harassing phone call the teacher made to their home.Sarafina’s father successfully confronted the man and got the report card, but his daughter was reprimanded for reporting her teacher’s sexual advances and forced to move to another school.

In Liberia, teachers enjoy high social status but children, especially young girls, are culturally trained not to speak out, leading to a culture of silence and tolerance.She travels alone and straps huge plastic jugs to her back so she can bring gallons of water home to her family.You learn about her dreams of going to school and see a map of her journey.U-Report polled 13,000 users in Liberia to ask if teachers at their schools were exchanging grades for sex.

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Sep 22, 2015. Finished silicone RealDoll sex dolls are seen at the Abyss Creations factory. His aim is for it to become “a girlfriend or boyfriend chatbot that will be able to. Social taboos will be challenged; legal questions will be raised.… continue reading »

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