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While usually the audience is awash with colored lights during performances and cheers fill the air, when Girls’ Generation got on stage they were confronted with darkness and silence from the stands.This would become known as the “Black Ocean” incident.The group TVXQ seems to suffer particular attention.There are reports of rabid fans copying a key to a member’s apartment, freezing and hacking into his cell phone to check if he’d called a girl, searching for his personal seal in order to register marriage documents, sneaking lingerie into his bags, and ordering food to be delivered to his house, that he had to pay for.Aphrodisiac substances were administered to trainees, some of whom were underage.Open World Entertainment would go on to issue a public apology for “causing disappoinment,” with a conspicuous absence of any reference to the victims of the abuse.The greatest example of this is the rapper Tablo, also known as Daniel Seon Woong Lee.One of the most prominent figures in the Korean hip-hop scene, he came under sudden attack after announcing his engagement to actress Kang Hye Jung.

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When Tablo released his university transcript to the media and was publicly vouched for by Stanford registrar Thomas Black, the anti-fans turned to conspiracy theory, claiming that Tablo stole the identity of another Korean Stanford graduate named Dan Lee, an engineer in Wisconsin bemused by the whole thing.This pattern repeated in 2006, when Yunho from the beleaguered group TVXQ needed to have his stomach pumped after he was given a drink laced with an adhesive substance.One organized anti-fan incident that was less destructive and more humorously dramatic was aimed at Girls’ Generation during the Dream Concert in 2008.One ex-trainee claimed in an interview that the going rate for a “meeting” with a female trainee was 0, while very young trainees, or those signed with a prominent label, cost between 0-900.