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15-Jul-2017 11:49

I'm looking for a REAL MAN who, incidentally, can buy lots of shiny things for me and my two kids from two different dads and generally bail me out of all the terrible life decisions I've made. If you got a problem with that you don't have the tool to get the job done anyway."Oh just described my experience with Ok Cupid.Girls get tons of messages from guys and suddenly she thinks she's a princess. Even though we live in a world where women can be soldiers and men can take care of the kids, most women WANT guys to make the first move.Girls that I can't tell which one she is in any of her pictures.Girls that only have professional headshots with no normal pictures.Also the girls that are into really obscure shit because they think it makes them sound cool or seem interesting.Girls that are obviously trying to hide how fat they are.Girls that have the same exact pose in every picture.

If you put on 20, that's false advertisement."I'm a successful woman who takes care of her own shit and is sick of all these BOYS.

"If you think I'm too big, I assume you don't have the right tools for the job." Unfortunately the tools I have only work on girls I'm attracted to. I'm hoping my future wife does the same."I just want a guy who blah blah blah... " Well if you only wanted a guy who treated you nicely and liked you, you'd have one.

Sorry for not finding very overweight people attractive. Im not getting attached to your kids and being a father figure who walks out on them. So youre either lying and want other things, or you're asking for too much.

I don't have any problems if anyone has high standards its their choice but my god this girl has no self awareness. If I see another girl who can't do without "Food, her computer, her family, her dogs, and AIR hahahahah" I am going to become a monk. Basically be ready to be at her speed from the get go or it's not gonna work out.

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She wanted a rich white guy but get this; she lives in Malaysia and looks really..really average. Cringey shit like "I love to laugh", or "living life".

In some ways it might be similar to the enjoyment in window shopping or looking through fashion magazines. Goodwill, random fabulous thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales.